You Want A Salesman, I’m Not Your Guy

I decided to write this without pausing. Just what comes to my mind and let my fingers hit the keys.  Business thoughts.

I didn’t get into business to be like everyone else.

Always told it couldn’t be done this way. Always told it is about the money and can’t make money this way.

I hate the image of a salesperson. So why did I get into sales in my own business?  I don’t have to do what others tell me to do. 

Sure I want to make money. Sure I want a make a nice living. But I want to help others along the way. I want others to be ok with me making money because my efforts deserve it.  Because I am  not a slick order taker. Order takers deserve bupkus!  A computer screen and website can take an order.

I want to learn about your business. I want to be considered part of your marketing team. Develop ideas and present to you.  Pen orders are for computers. Oh, I will place them for you and make sure you get a great price. But, you don’t really need me. I don’t have much value.

I located a tribe. This tribe wants to do something different. The leader calls himself the Creative Director. His name is Kamran Popkin We connected on twitter.  He calls his tribe the Swag Club. Half the time I don’t understand what he is saying. He has his own language of sorts. But, I respect him. His outlook and what he is trying to do for the promotional advertising (or swag) business. 

Behind the  swagger, lives a man of heart. A family man. Along with a beagle that gets him out of bed way too early! We have shared books. He even sent me one in the mail. 

I barely knew him and he shipped a book of stories on Faith along with some other goodies. Wow.

Again, I barely knew him. I had nothing that could really benefit him. Giving without expecting in return. The tribe.  I liked it and him already. Even if I got lost in his dialogue.

 I am not officially part of his “tribe”, but he nudges me. He offers support.  Keeping steady and strong in a save me a few pennies, ordertaking world . Especially when balances scream.

Catalogs – forget it. Koozies — blasphemy.  He shares my desire to be the bright red flower in the bed of overgrown weeds of order takers.

My idea – Get excited.  Fresh ideas. Let me inside your goals.  Then let me bring you some thing that explodes.  

Hate my ideas–hang up. Not interested in what I show you….show me the door.  You don’t owe me a penny.

But if I surprise you. If I come up with an idea that gives you some chills. Bingo—we both win. 

Back to my original question. Why sales if I hate salespeople?

You missed the point.

I don’t want to sell.  I want you to dig my ideas. I want you to ask me to sit and talk and explore.  After all, unlike an attorney, I don’t charge by the minute. Only for ideas.  Sounds like fun huh?

This was free flow. Ideas coming out fresh and amazing how fast. Few minutes. 

Only thing I ask, please forgive grammar or sentence structure errors. I am sure there are many. 

Throw out a comment below:  Am I out of my mind?  Do I have a chance to create something or fools gold?  Was writing  like this a good idea or ……not so good? 

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  1. #1 by tyler durden on December 16, 2010 - 12:46 pm

    you nailed it, brother in arms.
    ‘Giving without expecting in return.’
    its that simple. do that kinda behavior enough and the world is a better place. just let the snarky ‘heh,heh,heh’ guys snark away and call you sanctimonious, that’s my world,too.
    stay strong, add value, stay true to your dreams. they CAN come true, but nothing good is ever easy.
    and no more calendars. itykwim.

    • #2 by Barry on December 16, 2010 - 1:01 pm

      Message received 🙂 . Thanks for stopping by. ikwym

  2. #3 by Doug Greathouse on December 16, 2010 - 12:53 pm

    Barry – Great Post. I share your sentiments. My primary motivation in business is not to make the most amount of money. I want to help businesses reach their goals and potential. I want to build mutually beneficial relationships with other business owners. If I do end up making a ton of money doing what I am doing then great. I can then help others in a monetary way. I live in Greenville, Sc and have met Mr. Popkin briefly – and I also did not always follow his dialog. I also have him as a social media connection. I love the whole Swag Club concept. He seems like someone I would like to know better despite the language barrier ; )

    • #4 by Barry on December 16, 2010 - 1:37 pm

      Appreciate you sharing and dropping by Doug. Strength in numbers. Hope you find the dollars in doing the right things!

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